Laura Curran - Uniteens Teacher

I moved from Garland Texas to Hillsborough County in January 2012 after been married for 17 years. I attended First Unity in Dallas Texas for a brief period of time. I been on a spiritual journey for about 18 years. I found First Unity in St Petersburg after moving to Brandon, I was looking for a community a family who believes in a loving compassionate God.I became a member of First Unity on April 2012. I am totally in love with First Unity Church were acceptance, love and compassion are always there in every person, every face. In June 2012 I started working with the children at YFM then moved with the Uniteens who inspire me and teach me to never stop believing in your dreams no matter how young you are at heart. I am looking forward to continue to serve the community as a future chaplain this year. I am looking forward to moving closer to my spiritual family soon.I am a single mother of three wonderful kids. One young female adult 24, my son who is 15 yrs old and my third one another girl 14 yrs old. I am currently employed as a salesperson. I am so grateful and so blessed.

G. Van GilsUniteens Teacher

Gerard (G) Van Gils has a Doctorate in Environmental Engineering from the University of Southern California. He works for Kemco Systems Inc., in Clearwater, where he designs and builds water purification systems for industry.

G has been life long learner in the Unity Church. His parents took him to the Unity of Akron, Ohio starting when he was in elementary school. Now he continues, as a teacher and served as a member of our Board of Directors for 3 years.

G is especially proud of his two sons, Jonathan (age 20) and Alex (age 24). He is married to Gayle who is a life long learner in the Buddhist tradition of meditation. G plays classical and jazz guitar in his spare time.

Semeon Madir - Uniteens Teacher 

Hello, my name is Semeon. I am a Uniteen Leader with the YFM team. I am only 24 years old, but I have been in Unity since I was seven. The reason I choose to volunteer in YFM was because I always felt that this program has helped me and I wanted to give that same experience to these kids.

Linda McLeod - Uniteens Teacher 

I moved to Pinellas County In 1981 and started working with truth principles in 1987. As part of my growth and healing I started attending First Unity Church in 1995 and felt and still feel this is my home. I found people who believed and served God in the same fashion as I do. I love working with young teens and find they teach me more about spirituality and love every day. 

I started working with YFM in 1998 as a Youth Of Unity (YOU) Sponsor and moved to Uniteens in 2003. I have served as a board member, book store angel, sound booth member and Chaplain. 

I am a writer, teacher and healer. My pray is for teens to find and develop a relationship with God so they have a friend with them as they travel the journey of life.

I graduated from Tuskegee University in 1978 and work for a major Corporation.