Great Leaders Lead Here

We are so blessed with talented, dedicated and competent leadership. From serving on our Board of Trustees to Sunday support and beyond, these great leaders and “do-ers” in our community make it fabulous!

Board of Trustees 2017

The First Unity Spiritual Campus Board of Trustees is a group of members who oversee the well-being and various activities which align with our mission and vision. They bring their time, talent and treasures to our campus. They are committed to our community and to the many layers of growth within our congregation both locally and globally.

Rev.Temple Hayes, Senior Minister
Denise Whitfield, Non-Voting Member
Kathy Quam, President
Catarina DeHoyos, Vice President
Michelle Royal, Secretary
Carol D’Alessandro, Treasurer
Kaye Brandenburg, Asst. Treasurer
Laura Angelides, Trustee
Jonathan Greye, Trustee
Steve Micklo, Trustee
Lisa Salvi, Trustee



Rev. Temple Hayes, Spiritual Leader (727) 322-4615
Rev. Richard Boggs, Welcome Ministry
Rev. Don Sandin, Minister Emeritus (727) 527-2222
Denise Whitfield, Executive Director (727) 322-4900
Barbara Zagaria, Controller (727) 322-4614
Alan Armstrong, Music Department (727) 322-4685
Gary Ammerman, L.U.T., Spiritual Education Director (727) 322-4609
Becca McCoy, Creative Director
Cindy Bush, Dream Catcher (727) 235-0224
Linda McLeod, Youth Ministry Director & Chaplain Lead (727) 322-4748
Hazel Madir, Nursery & Family Ministry Office (727) 322-4748
Helene Lepkowski, Youth of Unity (YOU) (727) 322-4748
Mary Jo Allison, I AM Center Director
Karen Jurson, Event Set-Up Manager
Paul Solan, Pet Ministry
Andrea Dudley, Spiritual Leader Assistant (727) 525-1725

Bowen Imagery, Web and Print Design


Karen Jurson, Event Set-Up,
Judy Staunko, Spice Routes Catering and Café (727) 422-7283
Wings Bookstore (727) 522-6657


Wedding Director, Denise Whitfield, Executive Director
Robinette Wilson, Campus Photographer,

Unity Band

Eric Enfield
Jeff Martin
Mitchell Ray

Audio Visual

David Enfield, Sound Technician
Chris James, Sunday Floor Manager
Erica Leggat
Kirk Smith

Usher/Greeter Leaders

Lisa Salvi
Janan Talafer
Mary Gerken


Andrea Dudley, Executive Producer, Unity On Line Radio and Daily Inspirations
April Trahan, Executive Producer, First Unity Spiritual Campus on New Thought Channel
Robinette Wilson, Campus Photographer
Suz Gossett, Videographer

Unity Network

Kathy Perry

Education Department

Andrea Dudley, Spirit Works,

Licensed Unity Teachers

Gary Ammerman
Linda Carney
Lynn Colt
Diana Rankin

Chaplain Leadership

Linda McLeod, Chaplain Leader
Cate Alam
Pam Woznicki

Platform Leaders

Raihan Alam
Catarina DeHoyos
Jonathan Greye
Michelle Royal
Robinette Wilson

Wednesday Meditation & Healing Service

Kat Von Greye
Cate Alam
Marya Flurnoy
Ron Flurnoy
Bill Loving
Sue Loving

Garden Club

Alan Armstrong
Diane Oblinger

Prayer Ministry

Diane Oblinger

Caregiving Ministry

Danielle Carlton
Mary Jane Dodds
Donna Kirby

Sunday Meditation

Kat Von Greye
Sari Klett
Mickey Sheridan
Janan Talafar

Prosperity Team

Rev. Temple Hayes
Kaye Brandenburg
Carol D’Alessandro
Kathy Quam
Michelle Royal
Lisa Salvi
John Stoner

Master Planning Team

Rev. Temple Hayes
Carol D’Alessandro
Kaye Brandenberg
Kevin Fantauzzo
Steven Meixner
Stephen Micklo
Donald Wrobel