Rev. Temple Hayes

Temple Hayes is a spiritual leader, author and international motivational speaker. Rev. Hayes is an ordained Center for Spiritual Living Minister and an ordained Unity Minister. She is currently CEO of First Unity Spiritual Campus, a New Thought center, in St. Petersburg, Florida that transcends religious denominations, embraces all ethnicity, and reaches beyond national borders.

Temple is currently serving on the leadership team of the Association of Global New Thought. www.AGNT.org. She is a successful radio host on Unity FM with her show, “The Intentional Spirit” – Seeing and Being and reaches people throughout the world. She is the author of “The Right to Be You” and “How To Speak Unity”, by Devorss Publishing. Her latest book, “When Did You Die: 8 Steps to Stop Dying Every Day and Start Waking Up” is an Amazon bestseller.

Temple is also the founder of Global Peace Workers – a 501(c)3 which focuses on Peace Through People Initiative. GPW brings relief through products, services, and education which provide assistance to help Humanity transcend to a greater sense of empowerment and positive change. Additionally, Temple also founded Life Rights – a 501(c)3 dedicated to education, teaching and supporting the awareness of valuing life in all living things creating a world longing for peace. Because of Temple’s dedication to Life Rights, she has been awarded with the People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards in September, 2016.

Temple brings to the New Thought and Unity teachings many years of wisdom in shamanic and mystical teachings.

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Rev. Dieter Randolph


A fourth-generation minister, Dieter has been on this path since childhood. He was born in Kansas City, Missouri, where his parents were studying and working at Unity Village. As a teen, he served in many leadership roles within the Youth of Unity, and it was in the Y.O.U. that he met his partner, Jenny.

Throughout his journey, Dieter has been on fire about finding ways to take spiritual ideas beyond the traditional church setting. As he puts it, “I think that for something to be truly meaningful, it has to apply to everybody, not just people in one specific situation or community.” With that idea in mind, Dieter has spoken and taught in countless venues and formats. Wherever he finds himself, people find him. Invariably folks come to Dieter with a hunger to grow, to find passion, to live deliberately.

Dieter is here to help you find a life that you love, one that feeds you instead of making you feel tired. We’re all in this together. When you win, so does the world.

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Everardo-Gonzalez-GodinaEverardo Gonzalez Godina, (Ev)

Minister in Training. Everardo is a natural born artist. His professional experience as a curriculum coordinator, creative director, public school teacher, artist and writer have been simply reflections of his message of Oneness. Through his experiences as a leader, he has helped transform many to live beyond their expectations. His message has become a language of Oneness: seeing the light in what appears to be dark, creating possibilities from the impossible, and being the Power in the unknown. Ev brings the soul back to learning through his childlike spirit of always having fun. His mission is to help others remember, “As love we can transform ourselves and the world.” www.heartwonders.com


Linda McLeod-Alexis

Minister in Training- Linda has completed 1.5 years of Ministry School at Unity Urban Ministry School in Detroit, MI. She had been a Chaplain for 10 years and the Chaplain Leader for the past 4 years at First Unity Spiritual Campus. Linda has a strong passion for teaching Unity to our youth and she has been a Teacher for the Youth Ministry for 20 years. This past year, she became the Director of the Youth Ministry. Linda is also the Founder and Minister for On The Path Ministry. She is a learned Shaman and Has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, Alabama.