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Creative and harmonious tips, remedies, for holiday cheer, family at the end of this year and to help bring in the New Year.


Project will be festive salt bowls to remove negative energy, emotions and purifies the area with a written blessing for the ending year to enter the new one. Festive bowls will be provided along with salts and colors to create festive cures.

About the Instructor

Paula Adams is a native of the region of Texas but over the years her passion, creative desire, and love for Feng Shui has taken her to many places all around the country and outside the USA. Projects that are tailored matched to Paula’s most dynamic style and character.Her creative talents and gifts are in someway a tribute to her mother and grams nurturing and guidance as they passed on early in Paula’s life. Her love of design, color, and filling the space to the ideal forms of nature and the cosmos to create a beautiful, abundant, and extraordinary living space.

She holds a gift of being able to feel and channel energy in a space to a living breathing entity, using many facets of techniques that have been handed down or divinely blessed with. Some of these techniques include: creative space conception using design & staging applying the ancient eastern concept of Feng Shui, color energy, quantum earth energy sciences, with a background in interior design. Paula’s outside educational background carries a degree in Fine Art, minor in English. She holds a certification in Residential, Commercial, Interior Design & Staging. Two accreditations in the Classical Feng Shui School, as well as 35 years of meditation, Quantum physics energy/earth science energy studies. (Only fulfilled 2 years).

Over the years Paula has taken on many projects of all calibers in size and dimensions. She helped create a Feng Shui mural for an indoor/outdoor pool. Multi purpose areas including a Laundry Room and childrens reading nook for two commercial apartment properties, so many wonderful residential spaces that each one still holds a memory of the finished project. Paula’s last big endeavor was about 6 years ago, in Tn. She owned and operated the CHI GALLERY. Her creation birthed into this amazing living space or environmental space created using all of the above mentioned techniques and gifts of talent especially the Feng Shui concepts, at the same time using local artists to provide the staging spaces and decorative objects for placements.

Paula also brings to the table holistic energy, her healing calming energy, experience and wisdom. Starting from beginning to end her artistic eye for the natural flow of good positive energy adding the client’s own special energies is what makes this a one of a kind living spaces that is uniquely imprinted with nature and holistic positive Feng Shui energy.

She makes it possible for everyone to benefit from the wisdom of its teachings through consultations, lectures, workshops, on-line and long distance are also gladly welcome.

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Childcare is available and furnished by our Red Cross Certified Care Specialists in the same building as the event. PRICE FOR CHILD CARE: $10 per child, $5 each additional child from the same family. Pre-Registration is required for child care, no ‘walk in’ child care.


December 14, 2019
11:00 am - 2:00 pm
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