We Are Healed by What We Turn Towards

Spiritual Recovery was created many years ago due to a desire to create a community of support for those who have experienced challenges with addictions. Our campus offers weekly recovery gatherings where we open our doors to persons from every path of recovery to share their experience, strength and hope.

Our Spiritual Leader, Rev. Temple is very open about her own path of addiction with alcoholism and sobriety of almost 30 years and is a writer for various recovery magazines and blogs.

We acknowledge our path. We acknowledge what has served us – kind and unkind.

Our past describes us yet it does not have to define us. – Rev. Temple

We approach our recovery by using our spiritual path to recognize and become more aware of the wholeness of WHO WE ARE.

A Work In Progress

Thursdays at 10 am in Room 301. AA book study meeting.

12-Step Program

Tuesdays, beginning May 10 at 7 pm in Room #200. A recovery program for people suffering from Narcotics abuse and addiction. For more information contact Bill at (330) 328-1221.

Sober Spirits

Wednesdays from 7:30 to 8:30 pm in the I AM Center.