New Thought is Now on TV

newthought05Our dream has come true. First Unity is one of the first! New Thought is now on TV where it is easy to access and easy to share!

The New Thought Channel is a central location on your television where you can watch weekly lessons from your spiritual leader, experience other great leaders in the New Thought movement, enjoy music from your New Thought musicians and so much more. Our Vision at First Unity Spiritual Campus is: We envision a world that embodies, embraces and expresses Unity.

How can you be part of the New Thought Channel?

Go to Roku and search for “The New Thought Channel” – it is free. Coming soon on Amazon Fire TV!

How can you impact The New Thought Channel?

Share with your friends so we may have millions of viewers. The more people who watch, the more sponsors and advertisers watch us.

Thank you for sharing this global vision in the world.