We are delighted that you have found our campus. We are change agents and represent ideas, principles and practices that free us to live a life which models, stands for and exemplifies a greater way to live.

We are difference makers.

We believe in New Thought there is no difference. We have Unity leaders as well as Science of Mind leaders.

We educate through classes and events. We feature Buddhist monks, Psychics, Energy Healers and Reiki Masters from all over the world.

We are healers, activists, artists and seekers.

We are Shamanic practitioners celebrating equinox, solstice and drum circles. We are the overcomers who choose to live an addictive free life. We offer integrative health classes and fresh organic food on our grounds for our community.

We believe it is our responsibility to honor all living things as we teach the children life doesn’t only belong to humans, we coexist with all other living things on our planet. We model by education, a bird sanctuary, and pet adoptions on Sunday.

We have a Spanish speaking ministry and an international connection which supports world issues.

We are First Unity Spiritual Campus and we are inspired and ignited with what we believe.

We welcome you with an open heart and an open mind.