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Tune in each week as Temple shares tools that support you in your journey to becoming an intentional spirit. Listen and learn how to apply simple practices in purposeful ways to enable you to thrive in the best and most challenging of times. Become aware of the how’s and why’s in your everyday life and how they directly affect your ability to see and be your most magnificent self!

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Releasing Blocks, Embracing Magnificence

June 21, 2017

Clardy Malugen, M.A., M.F.A., founder of the Magnificence Project, LLC, and the Prosperity Academy International, is a uniquely gifted author, a loving spiritual teacher, and a master of multidimensional energy frequencies. A motivational speaker, transformational coach, and mentor for more than 20 years, Clardy has devoted her life to empowering individuals, organizations, and corporations to expand beyond perceived limitations into unlimited possibilities and true success. Her remarkable transdimensional energy work continues to astonish scientists and medical professionals while profoundly transforming the lives of her clients and students. Throughout the years, Clardy has quietly explored her natural gifts as a medical intuitive and energy healer. She recently made a commitment to share these remarkable gifts with clients in both her private practice and workshops. Utilizing what she calls a "transdimensional energy connection to The Field," she has facilitated hundreds of instantaneous healings of both emotional and physical limitations that have been described as "miraculous." Although often called a "master healer," Clardy believes that her work with energy simply helps to release negative energy fields that are blocking the body's natural ability to heal itself.

The Peace Maker

June 14, 2017

Anthony Diaz is known as "The Peace Maker" and is also a divorce attorney, certified mediator, C.P.A., and a licensed practitioner for the Centers for Spiritual Living. While coaching those going through divorce, relationship, and everyday life challenges, Anthony has personally experienced the pain and healing from his own divorce and growing up in a divorced household. He realized it was time to help others navigate through conflict, move on from their pain to heal easier toward a life filled with peace, happiness, and infinite possibilities. !n-joy! Anthony is the coauthor of the books Faces Behind the Pages That Inspire and Creating Relationships and Family With Courage and Compassion. In addition, Anthony has written three e-books: Divorce With Dignity, Moving Consciously Through Conflict, and !n-joy Your Relationships.

Awakening to Love

June 07, 2017

Cindy Lora is an innovative and extraordinary talent who blends an eclectic mix of visionary/New Age, alternative pop, and meditative sounds with contemporary beats to create a unique style. Her sultry vocals, creative lyrics, and primal rhythms produce a state of mind that takes the listener to higher places where courage, wisdom, and passion can transform. Born into a family of teachers and musicians and raised in the Midwest, Cindy was exposed to music early in life. As she developed herself emotionally and spiritually, her musical talents matured with her. Cindy is also a pianist and graduate of California State University, Northridge, with a bachelor's in psychology and a minor in music. She has also completed her master's in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica and uses her music and degrees as a "healing" tool to help others transform their consciousness into the "higher" octaves of life. She is currently accepting clients for spiritual counseling and is available for phone sessions. Her touring schedule with her husband Gary Renard is extensive, including performances all over the world where Cindy participates in her husband's workshops by singing, guiding meditations, and occasionally speaking.

Undoubtedly Awesome

May 31, 2017

Many of us are so paralyzed by doubt about the "tomorrows" of our lives that we cannot focus on the wonders of today and who we really are. But with the help of Undoubtedly Awesome: Your Own Personal Roadmap From Doubt to Flow, you can conquer those fears and better understand your goals, dreams, and unique decision-making processes, thereby allowing you to achieve the personal success your uncertainty and indecision have held you back from. Your soul type is the foundation for building your self-confidence and erasing doubt. By better understanding your own strengths and weaknesses, you can make decisions you feel great about-and live a more fulfilled, satisfied life. Author Anne Tucker is an effective and recognized speaker who has addressed audiences around the world on the topics of leadership, personal transformation, decision-making, and the psychology of doubt. She is the founder of Wisdom Soup, an online social learning community that speeds up serendipity by connecting people with similar interests in spirituality and personal growth.