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Tune in each week as Temple shares tools that support you in your journey to becoming an intentional spirit. Listen and learn how to apply simple practices in purposeful ways to enable you to thrive in the best and most challenging of times. Become aware of the how’s and why’s in your everyday life and how they directly affect your ability to see and be your most magnificent self!

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Tears for Inanna

March 07, 2018

Tears for Inanna is Brazilian-born Kaliyani's powerful second release. Her debut video, "Nammu's Invocation," garnered more than 2 million views on YouTube and is a collaboration with Hollywood composer/filmmaker Riz Story (writer, director, and producer of A Winter Rose, which features Kaliyani's first single). Seamlessly weaving visions of sensuality into a primordial context, Tears for Inanna is a beautiful manifestation of a generally misunderstood archetypal myth. Inanna challenges us to review our belief systems, particularly with respect to our culture's view on sexuality and the role of the sacred feminine throughout history. Kaliyani radiates this sacred Inanna energy in the video, the enchantment of her powerful yet graceful vocalizations leading the way.

Sweet Eden

February 28, 2018

By her mid-30s and early 40s, Sheron Brown had annoyingly bad adult acne, pain in her back, knees, and hips, and was overweight, inactive, and pre-diabetic. Visualizing her older self, the picture looked hopelessly painful but she decided her life was not going to be that way. Sheron's pain went away through a patient journey with food and yoga. She works with her clients to get in touch with their body's needs because she understands that life happens and their needs will change.

Transforming Victim Consciousness

February 14, 2018

Lynne Forrest is a reality guide and personal growth mentor. Lynne was educated through a lifetime of studying and observing metaphysical life principles taught to her early in life. She learned how to apply those principles to her own life in positive ways. She has been sharing her findings with others and watching their lives transform since the 1970s. She has her own private practice, which she founded on those principles in 1985.

Holistic Psychotherapy

February 07, 2018

Sherry Gaba, LCSW, is a psychotherapist, life coach, and certified recovery coach specializing in individual, couples, family, and group psychotherapy. Sherry has the unique ability to uncover intuitive insights from her clients' deepest selves, allowing them to manifest their greatest dreams and desires. Sherry was the go-to expert for Dr. Drew Pinsky's Celebrity Rehab show on VH1 and later on the spin-off Sober House as well as Celebrity Rehab's Sex Addiction. Sherry is a practical, interactive, solution-focused therapist.